Merck Gets a Friend Hardback

$29.99 AUD
Merck Gets a Friend Hardback

A Children’s Book about Friendship and Sharing

Merck, the five-year old Golden Retriever likes his life just the way it is. When Charlie, a West Highland Terrier comes to stay, he makes himself comfortable on Merck’s bed, plays with Merck’s toys and chews on Merck’s bone. Golden Retrievers are known for their friendliness, kindness and warm-heartedness but Merck’s patience is tested, and he keeps asking: ‘How long is Charlie staying?’

Is there nothing Charlie can do to win Merck’s friendship?

The perfect book to introduce children to gaining a friend by sharing and facing a challenge together, told through the lovable eyes of a golden retriever.

"A wonderful story about change and making new friends!" Regis Garnsworthy
"A great tale of friendship, supported by fantastic illustrations!" Lynne Georgiadis
"This is the most wonderful children's book." Julie Postance